Many women are frugal or inattentive. As long as they are not damaged, they will insist on wearing them for several years. This is actually unhealthy and may cause many illnesses. Today, I will tell you about the need to eliminate old underwear and replace new underwear in a timely manner.

Long-term failure to change underwear

Although invisible to the naked eye, there are a large number of bacteria and other harmful substances that threaten women’s health on every woman’s underwear.

There are millions of E. coli on a pair of underwear that passes through 10 hours; there are at least 0.08 grams of stool on each underwear, and the bacteria and parasites in the stool are the cause of the disease;

Even if the washing is diligent enough, there are still 7 kinds of bacteria such as Salmonella and Escherichia on the underwear that will not be thrown away for a long time. “Expired” underwear will not only cause inflammation of the vulva but also cause various bacterial infections in the vagina and urethra.

Especially in the menstrual period, women’s resistance decreased, coupled with the culture of menstrual blood, the speed of bacterial reproduction will be significantly accelerated, the repeated wearing of old underwear will bring the sensitivity of the private parts of the skin, itching and other abnormal conditions.

Every year, more than 15% of mature female friends will cause vulvar eczema due to wearing old underwear that is not hygienic. In addition, there is a small flaw in the skin of women’s buttocks, and 45% of the cases are caused by the hygiene problems of the old underwear.

How long does it take for the underwear to be thrown away?

The underwear worn in different situations and different cleaning frequencies has different storage time, but it is generally best not to exceed one year.

  1. Underpants that are not worn often (no more than once a week) should be thrown away in 6 months.

2, often wear underwear, after washing 30 times should be thrown away.

  1. Buy underwear that has never been worn. If it is not stored in a sealed bag, it should be thrown away after 1 year.

4, it is best to put on special sports underwear when exercising, this underwear should be thrown away after 20 times.

5, the physiological period must have special underwear, used 15 times to throw away.

Different efficacy and different shelf life

Excessive sweating during exercise, bacterial adhesion will also increase, the underwear for sports is often changed.

The sanitary napkins used in the physiological period and the blood itself will affect the life of the underwear. It is recommended to wear special underwear during the physiological period and exercise, so as to maintain health and extend the service life of your other underwear.

Seasons are also related to wearing habits

The underwear worn in the summer is 2 months shorter than the winter wear. Women who often wear jeans and tights should advance the time to throw away their old underwear.

Tight-fitting briefs, T-back, these types of panties that are close to the vulva skin are worn more than 25 times and can be considered thrown away.

In order to maintain the health of the private parts, women must change the old underwear in time to avoid the possibility of germs and do not necessarily bring unnecessary trouble to themselves.

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