The oral cavity is one of the organs with the most bacteria in the human body, and it is also the most susceptible to cancer. Oral health is a problem that everyone needs to pay attention to. How much do you know about oral health knowledge? Do you know what fruit is eaten by oral ulcer?

Oral health knowledge

  1. Oral cancer is one of the most deadly cancers.

People often ignore oral masses or blistering, which can cause serious problems such as oral cancer. Therefore, no matter how small the signs are, they should seek medical treatment as soon as they are discovered.

2, brushing time cannot be less than 2 minutes.

Brush your teeth for at least 2 minutes, at least twice a day, and change your toothbrush every three months.

  1. Wipe off lipstick or lipstick before seeing a doctor.

Otherwise, the doctor’s gloves will be picked up, and even the teeth and gums will be stained, which will affect the doctor’s color diagnosis.

4, the oral cavity indicates overall health.

The mouth affects other parts of the body. If there is a problem with the gums, the prevalence of heart disease is four times higher than that of the average person. If the first molar is relatively short and there is a pain, it means there is a problem with digestion.

5, exercise can also cause dental problems.

Strenuous exercise can lead to dehydration and weaken the function of saliva to prevent oral diseases. In this way, the risk of tooth decay and bacterial accumulation increases. And many sports drinks contain unexpected sugars and acids that can damage your enamel.

6, stop the painkillers before the teeth.

Some people take drugs such as aspirin regularly, but it can cause you to bleed a lot when you are pulling your teeth.

7, bleeding gums are very serious.

Gingival bleeding is an inflammatory manifestation, and it is likely that you have already developed an infection.

  1. The abrasives contained in the toothpaste are not all harmful.

Many people think that the abrasive in the toothpaste can damage the teeth. In fact, on the contrary, soft abrasives such as anhydrous silicic acid and papain contained in toothpaste can polish and whiten teeth.

9, the tongue also has a healthy password

The tip of the tongue is bright red, indicating a possible thyroid or heart problem; the tongue is yellow-green, which is a liver or gallbladder problem; it is slightly grayish brown and usually has digestive diseases.

10, eating sugar does not necessarily mean tooth decay.

Eating sweets is not a big problem as long as it is cleaned in time. Moreover, a balanced diet is the key to a healthy smile. For example, often not eating, can lead to excessive acidity of the mouth, causing tooth decay and gum problems.

Oral care

  1. The first is to brush your teeth every day. The best time to brush your teeth is within half an hour after eating. If possible, try to brush your teeth immediately after three meals. In this way, not only can the breath be fresh, but also prevent food debris from providing nutrients to the bacteria on the surface of the tooth. Each brushing time is controlled for 2 minutes, and the upper and lower brushing methods protect the gums. Many people use the strong horizontal brushing method, which will cause excessive wear and stimulate the gums to retract. Pay special attention to the position of the medial and posterior teeth of the lower front teeth when brushing teeth to avoid the formation of calculus. After brushing your teeth, rinse the toothbrush with water several times, dry the water on the bristles, and store it upside down.
  2. Use NPC oral care solution with an electric toothbrush when brushing your teeth. The food residue between the teeth is difficult to remove by brushing, which can lead to the accumulation and spoilage of harmful substances in the deep layers of the teeth. The relationship between tone is obvious. Therefore, brushing your teeth with an electric toothbrush can thoroughly clean your teeth. NPC oral care solution can be quickly absorbed, effectively preventing oral problems such as mouth ulcers, redness of the gums, bleeding of the gums.
  3. Regular oral examination and cleaning. The dentist recommends that you need to clean your teeth once every six months or a year. And do a comprehensive oral examination. This can make the oral problem disappear in the bud, which is simple and effective and does not cost a lot.

Precautions for oral care

1, the action should be light when scrubbing, especially for poor coagulation function, to prevent bruising mucous membranes and gums.

2, comatose patients taboo mouthwash, when you need mouthparts, should be placed from the molars (the jaws cannot be violently assisted to open the mouth). When scrubbing, the cotton ball should be clamped with a vascular clamp, one at a time, to prevent the cotton ball from remaining in the mouth. The cotton ball should not be too wet to prevent the patient from inhaling the solution into the respiratory tract.

  1. For those who use antibiotics for a long time, they should observe whether there is mold infection in the oral mucosa.
  2. Dentures should not be soaked in alcohol or hot water to prevent discoloration, deformation or aging.
  3. Infectious patients use the materials according to the principle of isolation and disinfection.

The purpose of oral care

  1. Keep the mouth clean and moist, make the patient comfortable, and prevent complications such as oral infection.

2, to prevent bad breath, sputum, promote appetite medical education, education network to collect and organize, to maintain normal oral function.

What kind of fruit does oral ulcer eat?


Apple is an economical and vitamin-rich fruit that is ideal for vitamin supplements. When there is an oral ulcer, you can take an apple (pear can also be) into a container and put it into a container. Add cold water (applied to the apple or pear to be boiled) and heat it to a boil. After it is slightly cooler, it is included in the mouth with the wine. Eat it in a few moments and heal it in a few days.


Peach is rich in vitamin B and other vitamins, and can also delay aging, is a rare fruit. The key is that it also has a good effect on oral ulcers, but from the gastrointestinal point of view, it is not conducive to eating more.


Persimmon can effectively prevent oral ulcers. Persimmon has a great effect on the treatment of oral ulcers, and it also has a certain effect on the prevention of oral ulcers.


Pears are rich in water and vitamin B. They are often eaten, especially when they are eaten by mouth ulcers.


Take half a watermelon, dig out the watermelon simmer, squeeze the juice, the melon juice is contained in the mouth, swallowed in about 2 to 3 minutes, and then contains watermelon juice, repeated several times, which has a great effect on the healing of oral ulcers.

In addition to the above-mentioned fruits, when there is a phenomenon of oral ulcers, vitamin C should be added more, so you can eat more fruits rich in vitamin C such as kiwi and orange.

Conclusion: Oral ulcers are one of the most common oral diseases we encounter and the most recurrent diseases. Many people think that oral ulcers are caused by fire. It should be noted that oral ulcers are not caused by fire. There are still many internal factors, and you can eat more fruits and vegetables every day to prevent oral ulcers.



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